andresbonifacioBorn the eldest of poor parents, Bonifacio at fourteen is shown working with his siblings in making and selling pans and canes
Bonifacio working as a messenger and later as a warehouse man

Reading books and attending the meetings of Liga Filipina

The founding of the Katipunan; rigorous recruitment, initiation and orientation of members; formalization of the membership of Emilio Jacinto and other revolutionaries at 314 Azcarraga St., Tondo Manila through blood compact.
Katipunan women sewing the new flag of the katipunan

The discovery of the Katipunan amidst printing press materials
The Cry of Pugad Lawin, signifying the start of the revolt; symbolized by the popular outcry and the tearing of their cedulas

Symbolic “Kalayaan at Kasarinlan” with the modern Philippine Flag; soaring flocks of birds embraced by the light rays from heaven.
The design and composition of the mural artwork is layered to provide openings for hidden light sources. The lights will be designed and used to render a theatrical effect. A layered arrangement also anticipates the need for electrical installments if a light and sound dramatization shall be programmed in the future.
The combination of brass material of the sculpture, with concrete and metallic colored tiles will give a distinctive effect. This will provide the bar-relief sculpture an internal drama with the interplay of light, shapes, planes and color.

All materials in this combination are tested and can withstand any natural weather conditions.

The location, base and surroundings shall be designed and constructed to enhance the aesthetic experience of the viewer, as it blends with the existing and future developments of the park.

The projected mural is to be located on an existing city court area (which is intended to be transformed to a historical park) at the back of Hospital St. facing the historic Manila City Hall at the entrance from Conception St., The position is ideal for everyday visitors to appreciate, and likewise provides a special venue for ceremonies and occasions. It can also be seen from the vantage point of the Mayor’s Office found on the second floor of Manila City Hall.

The base, with a reflecting pool on the front, planting boxes on its left and right is an integral part of the design. This gives the mural and the property the proper ambiance and protection.

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